How to stop Windows 10 installing

Many people are finding their computers are now automatically upgrading to Windows 10. This is because the Windows 10 update has changed, something which Microsoft which has recently been criticised for.

Whilst we have found Windows 10 to be adequate, our advice has always been to plan for the upgrade first - by checking the compatibility and functionality matches your expectations.

How to cancel the automatic upgrade

Cancel Windows 10 Upgrade Screen 1
If you decide you don't want Windows 10 then when you see a screen similar to the above one, avoid pressing the red cross as this won't stop the upgrade.

Instead, you need to click on choose a time which will then allow you to cancel the installation.

You may not see the above screen. There are 3 other upgrade screens that can be shown:

Cancel Windows 10 Upgrade Screen 2 Select I need more time

Cancel Windows 10 Upgrade Screen 3 Select Click here to change upgrade schedule or cancel scheduled upgrade

Cancel Windows 10 Upgrade Screen 4 Select Click here to reschedule or cancel

These options will all take you to a screen which will allow you to cancel the upgrade for good.
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