2: Fibre Broadband

per month
Minimum Term
12 months
then 1 month rolling
What you'll get
  • Up to 80Mbps download speeds (depending upon the quality of the copper and the distance from the exchange)
  • Unlimited downloads
Why Fincomp?
Because we can provide a much better level of support:
  • No call centres, just a friendly in-house support team
  • You'll be treated as an individual, not an account
  • No scripted conversations, just useful advice
  • Our expert knowledge helps resolve problems faster
  • We even support your router (if we provided it)
  • A PSTN telephone line
  • An fibre compatible router
Setup charges
If you are migrating your existing fibre service to us then there will be a setup charge of £55.00.

If the service is new or migrating from an ADSL line a setup charge of £89.99 will be applicable.
If you cancel your service within the first 11 months you will be charged to the end of the original 12 month period.

Cancellations thereafter will only be billed for 1 month from the date you give us notice to terminate/migrate your service.

If the cancellation is a migration away from us there will be no cease charge.

If you terminate your service, a cease charge of £15.00 will be applicable.

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