SIP Trunking

SIP trunks are virtual phone numbers which run over broadband but still connect to PSTN lines.

per month
1 month
rolling contract
What you'll get
Either a new geographical phone number (01, 02 etc) or your existing number, either setup as follows:
  • Linked to VoIP extensions via our hosted system
  • Forwarded to a number of your choice
  • Sent to your own in-house phone server
  • Used as a Fax-2-email service
What are the call costs?
  • Geographical (01,02,03): 1ppm
  • Mobile (07):8.5ppm
  • National (08): POA
  • International: POA
Why Fincomp?
Because we can provide a much better level of support:
  • No call centres, just a friendly in-house support team
  • You'll be treated as an individual, not an account
  • No scripted conversations, just useful advice
  • Our expert knowledge helps resolve problems faster
If you plan to use the service with VoIP extensions or your own phone server you will need the necessary equipment. We can provision and setup this equipment for you so in these instances, please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation quote.
Setup charges
There are no setup charges for the SIP trunk.

Porting your existing single line number to us will incur a charge of £35.

Porting your existing multi line number to us will incur a charge of £45.

Porting your existing multi line with DID number to us will incur a charge of £75 or £135 for lines with 11+ numbers.
Penalty charges
Code 1 - Order rejected by BT (e.g. Missing or Incorrect Information Remote call forwarding information repeatedly provided): £15

Code 2 - Porting date changed (e.g. Site not ready): £15

Code 3 - Cancellation of porting (e.g. Cancelling port after confirmed by BT): £15

Code 4 - Order times out (e.g. Order rejected and customer asked to provide accurate information but fails to do in correct time frame): £15
Lead times
The Lead Time for number Porting will vary according to the line type. The Lead time is dictated by industry process and therefore cannot be bypassed. It allows the Losing Communication Provider and Gaining Communications Provider time to validate and prepare for the port. A confirmed port date will be provided by us on receipt of a successful and validated request. Subsequent, complex or mixed operator ports will further extend the lead time beyond those estimations below which relate to standard (non subsequent) ports.

The Lead Times specified below are minimum Lead Times and are dependent on us receiving the full and correct information to initiate the port with the Losing Communications Provider.

7 Days: Single Lines

10 Days: PBX 10 lines or less / ISDN 10 lines or less

17 Days: Single lines with 11+ lines porting at the same time

20 Days: PBX 11+ lines (or a Centrex site) / Simple DDI / ISDN 11+ lines

25 Days: Complex DDI (or a multisite full/partial VPN)
Cancellations will be billed for 1 month from the date you give us notice to cease your service.

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