Cloud Email

Collaboration, communication and management is at the core of any business.

Exchange Mailboxes

As a business professional, you’re under pressure to cut costs, streamline your business, become more productive and efficient, whilst making yourself more available to clients and colleagues. Hosted Exchange gives you the opportunity to build on your customer service and business efficiency by enabling you to contact, collaborate and share wherever you are and whenever you need to. 


Upto 250GB Mailboxes

Save all your emails in a single place with an impressive 250GB of storage space


Mobile Access

Exchange allows you to access all of your emails on any device with internet.



Secure messaging with efficient and accurate filtering of spam and viruses.


No Upgrades or Repairs

With your cloud emails there are no servers or hardware to maintain and repair.


Shared Data

Access your email, tasks, contacts and calendars on multiple devices.


Fast Mailbox Sync

With your data on multiple devices Exchange syncs information instantly.

Cost effective and secure.

Now more than ever your business needs cost-effective and flexible communication tools. With our Cloud Email, communication becomes instant and gives you access to shared calendars, contacts and documents.

Moving your Exchange environment means you will reduce the IT overhead of running on-site Exchange, and gives you better control of your costs by reducing the need for expensive hardware installations and ongoing maintenance, without sacrificing service and quality.

The Hosted Exchange environment is super-resilient, is fully managed, and every email can be scanned for viruses and spam before it arrives in your inbox.

Cloud Email

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