Cloud Security

Keeping your IT equipment safe and secure.


Cyber attacks happen to everyone and it is very important that you protect your IT systems.  Our cloud security (anti-virus) solution is easy to install, user friendly and very affordable. The virus database is constantly being updated to tackle any new threats that are created.


3 Core Sheild

3 shields protecting you from harmful files, suspicious software and web attacks/downloads.


Smart Scan

Scan your system for viruses and malware with minimal performance dips using Smart Scan. Alternatively, create your own custom scans or perform a full system scan.



Customise your firewall and adjust the settings to suit you and your business needs.

Automatic Virus Detection

The Vault

The software will automatically detect threats to your machine and lock them away in the vault before any damage is done.

Updated Virus Database

Virus Database

When a potential new threat is detected - that is not in the virus database - it locks the file and it gets sent to the virus lab for testing to ensure it is safe.


Administrators Dashboard

We will receive notification of any malware or viruses that cannot be placed in the virus vault. When we do we will notify you with the next steps.

Email Security

There is nothing more irritating than receiving unsolicited emails from a prince begging you to take their fortune, for example. Adding antispam filtering to your emails can help limit the amount of spam that you receive and allow you to respond to the more important emails.

After adding anti-spam to your mailbox, emails will be routed through a filter which will remove and archive spam messages before they reach you. You are able to receive daily or weekly spam reports allowing you to manage the spam easily. If an email that you need gets caught by the spam filter, you can either release it from the spam by clicking the link in the email report or via the web portal.

You can have full control over who you can allow through the spam filter and who you want to block. Along with this you can increase, or decrease, the spam filtering level depending on your needs. Click here to find out more about our cloud emails or Microsoft 365 emails. If you’re unsure on what solution best suits yours and your business then please do contact us.

Cloud Security

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