Cloud Storage

The secure file sharing for businesses allowing you to work collaboratively from anywhere.

Team Folders

Everyone in your business can work in one shared file location whilst working from their home or office. The team folders helps you keep all your folders organised, improve collaborative working and provide a watchful eye on what documents have been recently edited. 


5TB of storage

Receive 5TB of shared data storage as a standard. This is enough for many business' data needs.


Multiple Devices

Access your data on multiple devices. If a device was stolen or lost, you are able to remote wipe the confidential data off of the device remotely.


256-bit AES & SSL/TLS Encyrption

Your files are safe at rest and in transfer with multiple layers of protection and each file is split and encrypted. For added peace of mind you can enable 2FA.

Sharing permissions

Sharing Permissions

Allow members to access the files and folders they need to. You can share files outside your organisation with a password protected link.


Smart Sync

Keep your hard drive space clear by only downloading the files that you need.

File Version and Recovery

File and Version Recovery

Easily recover deleted files and restore previous file versions.

Keeping your data safe.

Not only does Dropbox have 256-bit AES & SSL/TLS Encryption ensuring that your files are safely transferred from their servers to your machine. They also frequently test their infrastructure and apps. This helps them discover potential security bugs and vulnerabilities enabling them to patch them and keep your data safe.

Along with this, they give you tools to help you manage the safety of your own data. For instance, if your device was lost or stolen you have the ability to remotely wipe the Dropbox files off of the device whilst keeping them safe in the cloud. Once you have secured or replaced your device, you are then able to quickly restore them back. There are many more administrator tools that can be used to secure file sharing, restrict user access to folders and create password protected links to share your files with an external contact. 

Contact us if you need some more information about how it could be benefit your business.


Secure file sharing for businesses

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