Cloud Backup

Unlimited data backup which is stored securely offsite.

Unlimited Backup

Having peace of mind when it comes to the data on your devices is invaluable, especially when it comes to the amount of information a typical business holds. The unlimited data backup services works in the background, scanning for any file changes on the devices and backs it up to a secure data centre in the UK. Any disasters that happen; lost, stolen or broken devices to natural disasters you can be assured that the data on the devices will be easily recovered and restored onto a new device. 

The cloud backup can be used in conjunction with a disaster recovery plan that you have. You can access your backups anytime and anywhere by signing into the backup portal here. If you have a Team and need a file sharing solution, which could be used as part of a backup, have a look at the Cloud Storage solution.


Unlimited Data Backup

Excellent value for money. Backup as many devices as you like under one user login.


Multiple Devices

Easily install the software onto multiple devices including Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.


UK Data Centres

The data is stored offsite but remains in the UK. The data centres are protected by 3 layers of physical access security.


Automatic Backups

The software will scan for any changes either hourly or at a set time each day - as long as your device is turned on.


Folder Backup & Restore

Choose between backing up one file to an entire system and everything in between. If an item gets deleted or overwritten you can restore the file or to the previous version.


ISO 27001 Certified

The data centres are ISO27001 certified meaning that they use the highest possible standard for their data security.

Data Security

Transfer security – Using the strongest available TLS encryption, you are able to transfer your files securely from your device to Livedrive’s servers.

Data Protection: Livedrive is registered under the Data Protection Act and with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) and is completely compliant with EU privacy laws.

Obfuscated data – file information cannot be identified or linked to a Particular account as it is masked when on Livedrive’s servers for extra security.

Distributed data – no single system contains enough individual data to retrieve an individual file via any unauthorised methods as it split across multiple independent systems

24/7 Monitoring – Livedrive actively monitors their network 24/7 to keep your files accessible and safe. Livedrive’s physical and electronic monitoring consists of both intrusion prevention & intrusion detection systems.

Unlimited Data Backup

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